It all begins with prayer! Don’t do anything else before you do this! And what better way to begin praying than See You At The Pole? SYATP is the fourth Wednesday every September. These questions will help you plan your SYATP. 

  • What time will we begin? (7am is the usual time)
  • How will we begin the event? Who will lead off?
  • Will there be other elements, such as singing, scripture reading?
  • Will we hold hands, kneel, break into groups, or stay in a large group?
  • What will we pray for or about?
  • How will we know when it’s over?
  • Do we have an alternative meeting place in case of rain?
  • Have we informed our principal about this event?
  • Have we contacted local youth groups about SYATP?
  • How can each person promote this SYATP?

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Get adults involved in praying for your school! Ask your parents, pastor, youth pastor, and other adults in your church to pray for your school. Here are six ways that adults can pray…


 - The goal is to have people praying for and reaching every school in the country. Go and adopt your school!

Claim Your Campus

Imagine your school being prayed for everyday - what would that be like? Claim Your Campus encourages youth groups in a community to each take a day of the week to pray for a local school. Get your group involved!

Five Friend Focus

On a card write down the names of five friends that you want to tell about Jesus this year. Pray for them every day.

Prayer Triplets

Every week, or everyday, meet with 3 Christian friends to pray for three friends who don’t know Jesus.  

30 Second Kneel Down

This one takes some guts but here it is - when you first get to school each day, kneel at your locker and pray for 30 seconds and pray for your school, your friends, and your teachers.

Yearbook Praying

Copy pages out of last year’s yearbook and prayer for students in your school by name.

3 Open Prayer

When you pray for your friends, pray these things – 1) God open a door, 2) Open their heart, 3) Open my mouth.