The great news is – you don’t have to do this alone! There are other Christians you can work with at your school to reach your friends for Christ. If you already have a Christian club at your school, please check out the resources on the right and go to the Campus Outreach page.


If you do not have a campus ministry at your school…

1.       Ask your youth pastor for help and ask churches to pray for you.

2.       Find other Christians students who want to start a club with you.

3.       Find a teacher who will sponsor your club.

4.       Decide what day and time your club will meet.

5.       Write a letter to your principal requesting permission to start the club. Set up a follow-up appointment.

6.       Create a club constitution – purpose of the club and how it will work.

7.       Get a copy of the Equal Access Act if your principal doesn’t respond favorably (

8.       Advertise your club’s first meeting

If you do have a campus ministry at your school…

you need a strategy. A Christian Club at school should focus on evangelism - it is a gathering of students who consider themselves to be campus missionaries and want to share Jesus with their friends. We recommend the FISH format for your weekly meetings to help you keep that focus.

FocusStart the meeting with prayer/announcements (5 minutes)

InspireHave a student or guest speaker share from God’s Word  (15 minutes)

ShareDiscuss what you just heard and pray together for each other (15   minutes)

Hook – make plans for your upcoming outreaches – see next page (15-25 minutes)


A few other tips for making your club effective…

1) Make your meetings consistent (same day, time, place every week)

2) Create a leadership team (we recommend four people)

3) Stay focused on your mission – try to do at least 2 outreaches each season (Fall, Winter, Spring)

4) Follow the FISH format above to help you stay focused